I recently set up my Canon EOS 600D DSLR on a tripod and hooked it up to my iPhone using Triggertrap. This clip condenses 12 minutes of footage down to 6 seconds. I imported the images in Adobe Lightroom and created the time lapse video with some of the standard features in Lightroom. I will be doing a lot more timelapse photography in the future, so please check back often.

Time lapse – first quick attempt

Apple – end of an era?

I have been in a love affair with Apple products for over a decade – since I got my first iPod.  I have owned several iterations of Apple products over the last 10 years – at last count there were 16 Apple branded products in my collection.  However – the affair is waning.  The has been a steady decline in the quality of Apple’s operating systems across the board during the last 12 months.  OS X Mavericks left me unimpressed – in fact, I am not happy with this version at all.  After a clean install of the last OS X on a new MacBook Pro I am still plagued with several performance issues.  OS X Lion booted up in next to no time and the application launchpad was ready.  In Mavericks I have to wait several minutes for the applications to be loaded in the launchpad.  Once the apps are finally visible clicking on an app very often results in no real reaction for several seconds… not what I expected from an upgraded OS.

I have also decided to switch from my iPhone to a Windows Phone – and I have not had a single regret since the switch.  LIkewise iOS 7.1 left me with feelings of regret after the upgrade.  It is definitely slower on my iPhone 4s as well as on my iPad (4th generation with Retina display).

The last straw was when I tried to do some video editing using the latest version of iMovie.  The source was a movie shot on my iPhone.  Not only did iMovie not recognise my iPhone (I had to manually download the file and import it into iMovie) but trying to get a timecode to show while scrubbing through the source file was impossible.  How on earth is that even possible?  A movie shot on Apple hardware with an Apple mobile OS, downloaded to an Apple MacBook Pro and edited with an Apple application – major fail!  In the end I fired up Adobe Premiere Pro on Windows 8.1 (running on Bootcamp on my MacBook) and edited the video without any issues.  Windows/Adobe even recognised my iPhone and allowed me to import the movie without any issues whatsoever.

I have spoken to a number of fellow Apple lovers recently and it seems that my feelings are not the exception.  Come on, Apple – what is going on??

Structure & Light

iPad and WordPress – too easy!

I finally got an iPad2 and I am loving it. In my mind this is going to be one of the best business tools I have at my disposal. The ability to leave my trusty MacBook Pro at the office and only take my iPad to meetings is something that I am very excited about.

The WordPress app for the iPad is also pretty cool – this is my first post using the app and I am quite impresses with the features available. I will definitely be blogging more often using this combination.